Everybody is talking about it.

Everybody is excited.

Cape Fear, Red Bull’s big wave surfing comp will run this Saturday …I mean this Sunday @ 7:30am.

Why the move in days? Well the winds look pretty damn strong on Saturday, even though the swell is huge. By Sunday the winds should be more offshore (SW) and there will be some 6 foot drainers on the reef. To reiterate, it’s a closed comp and you can only watch it online here. The whole area is on lock down…heard there’s a few out there right now. Anyone got a ski to whip us across Botany Bay around 11:30am today?…as there is no road access.

Enjoy your weekend. Saturday is still stormy and southerlies…Sunday it goes all good with sunshine and offshore.


P.S. These shots are all from the last time The Cape was good, last month. Oh boy, what a day.



Jai Abberton. Ours. Standing tall

Ritchie Vass

Such beautiful curves


Dom, in very deep. On your backhand here is insane!

Wheels taming a beast

Let's hope we get a few like this

11 thoughts on “Cape

  1. Don’t support Cape Fear. They have closed it to the public. It is in OUR national park. Who do Redbull think they are. Bad news for surfing. Did they not learn from the ASP photog issues on the Goldie???

    1. Jason, I heard it’s limited numbers to help with the environmental impact (300 people in total including all media and surfers). I mean, if 20,000 rocked up…it would be pretty bad for the park. So I get it. There is just not enough room at Ours for a big crowd (it’s on rocks and stuff) Of course it would be awesome to be there live…but it is such a unique wave, that they had to do it there. Wish that wave was at South Bondi…then we’re packed the joint out. Hope this helps, uge

  2. First it’s Cape Solander. Then it’s ‘Ours’. Then it’s Cape Fear. Uge, I’m a bit of a cynic, I confess. It’s just a Matthews / Bra Boys, Redbull and other sponsor promo event and it really sucks that they’re tying the venue up like that. National Parks are for us all. I remember sitting’ in the Longreef sandhills watching Nat Young, McTavish, Ted Spencer, Wayne Lynch, a huge Windansea banner… all for free… when I was a tiny from…

  3. i’ve heard that they cannot get the insurance for the public to be at the rocks, but park would make so much profit from the crowd as it $10 for a car, i would pay $20 to be there on that day .

  4. Hold your concerns Jason for i am holding my own big wave invitational at another National Park this weekend. On this Saturday at Neilsons Park Vaucluse. I will be charging it so hard i may even not wear my booties on one.

  5. It’s a joke, for all the reasons stated above.
    I’d rather watch the KS v JJF semi on replay all day than stream the abberton show

  6. What a terrible event. Such juvenile commentary, bringing professional surfing down to a whole new level. Awful stuff.

    Why dont the commentators tell us one more time about the barnacle covered rocks and the great format of the event.

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