Split this peak? Na, don't think so.


Everybody loves a rogue storm swell.

It’s huge out front. I saw sets in the 10 foot range. In my opinion, unsurfable. Ben Buckler may have the odd rideable monster from the deep. Bit of a novelty wave.

The southerly is hoooooooooooowwwling. It’s gale force (35-45 knots). Get your windsurfers out.

This isn’t Bodhi’s 50 year storm – but she’s a good one.

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Get the old boy something…here’s some ideas:

  • Last time I saw your Pops he said he’d like our latest Aquabumps book. Order online now, get it delivered before the weekend (Syd).
  • A new board is always welcome. These new shredders are perfect for Sydney’s waves. Designed by Ritchie Lovett Checkit
  • A beach seat from our good friends at Chillazy perhaps…See
  • A new wetsuit for spring, this O’Neill suit would be perfect
  • These JJ Florence fins rock. Buy
  • Pair of Aquabumps boardies Order online



Rob Norman, checking the beefy chunks at Bondi

She likes to watch

Rogue peak, Bondi

Yummy. Swim anyone?

Ten bucks says you couldn't catch it...Bondi 7am

Lefts into the 'Bergs...

Rogue ocean

This set was enormous. I am talking bay close out.

8 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. Hi Uge – WOW no point taking the boogie board down to the beach today

    BTW be great to see the Bay close out from top of one the main buildings in Bondi..to get the perspective

    PS Loved the Drone link – makes me think about life’s priorities

  2. That garage door piece is by Lister. He used to live downstairs from me. His top end artworks/pieces go for around 25K which would make this garage door – to scale – worth possibly around 100. It’s been up for about 6 months; amazingly hasn’t been removed…

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