Morning traffic, Bondi Beach 6:50am

Friday Loco

Cold down there today. Before the sun rose it was hovering around 5 degrees with wind chill.

We have waves, head high and above. The fickle bank was playing up with the tides. Low tide at 10:30am should have something worth surfing.

The waves are going to be fun all weekend with 3-4 foot of south swell. The southerly will blow hard tomorrow late arvo so you will need a protected corner.

Weather should be mostly fine over the weekend. Kinda chilly with winter-like temps.

Floater, South Bondi 7:30am

French male model, Franck Gazzola

K-Ron, dropping into a chunky one this morning at Bondi

Team wave

Nick and Julie Haslam

Take that!

Icebergs congregation

Stand tall

New ad for Canon.

The left (fat)

My brother Julian, shameless promotion of his new eatery in Singapore

7 thoughts on “Friday Loco

  1. Uge, you know I love your work man and the new look email is just fine but I gotta tell you, the rounded corner pics seem to stand out much better than the new sharp edged.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dan.

      After 10 years of rounded corners…I really do feel like I needed a change.

      Thanks heaps for commenting

  2. I think your extra communication with your clients regarding the flats to rent are an excellent idea. Your photos are very good and I have my eye on a couple but cash is a little short with children. Will get there soon. Nigel
    PS is it possible to get just enough grunt in the photos to have them as wallpaper but not enough to create a hanging on a wall. That might be a concept for a fee?
    Good work team which I can see is growing

    1. Thanks for nice feedback Nigel! Please feel free to shoot us an email in regards to your inquiry about the wallpaper, we’d be happy to provide more info. All the best!

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