Fiery foam rider, Bondi 7am

Rip Currents

The rip at 1st ramp in Bondi is a freak. So much water running out to sea it was unswimable. I tried for 1 hour but kept of sliding out the back into no-mans-land.

Great day for a swim nonetheless, maybe up the north end where it’s all calm.

Bondi has waves in the head high vicinity. The banks are pretty horrible so I would pursue other options if you are keen to surf today.

Great day – banging sunshine and light winds.


::uge (yooj)

Rip bowl rights, Bondi

Best view in town

Joel Pilgrim, frothing, Bondi 6:00am

Setting up the sweet spot

Moving water

The odd good one, Bondi

Solaris surfer, Bondi


10 thoughts on “Rip Currents

  1. Hey Uge,

    With this email, the photos were small (probably iphone size) but I am on a desktop computer. First time since you changed templates.

    Thought I’d let you know!

  2. Hi Uge, been a fan since visiting our daughter from the UK back in feb/march and she took us to your gallery. Really impressed! Do you always use manual to achieve your differential focussing? All the best, Ken – now back in the UK, but getting a bit of Bondi daily!

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