Sunrise highlights, Bondi 6:20am


It’s days like these that make my job an absolute pleasure. Na it’s not 4-6 foot and pumping nor is Jon-Jon doing alley oops in the south. It’s just small with nice light and warm conditions. Bondi hosted a few peaks, better suited to the longboard variety. Everyone was out there with a big smile.

It pays to get up early at the moment. You can surf from 5:30am until the time change – utilize it. Enjoy a 2 hours surf before work. Lots of people do.

Aquabumps is looking for staff. No, sorry…no vacancies in the photography department, got that covered. We need sales staff to work in our Bondi gallery on weekends. Come join the family. Read this job description for more information and email us your resume if you feel like you’re a perfect fit.

:: eugenius


Split view, Bondi

Hypto slider

If I were you, I would be scrambling to the channel about now

Boys heading out right on sunrise

Isabel Simundic braving the cool water

Mike Webber getting the rig out

Uncle Joel

Micky Malouf and his rooster tail

Good thinking 99

Light'n'water putting on a show

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