Glama-rama Saturday 11th October 2014, 1:45pm

Over & Above

As I write this daily post the clouds have arrived and our fantastic run of beach weather has come to an end. It’s gone all stormy…rain will hit very soon. Bunker in as the storm will be in town until Thursday.

To celebrate the weekend of glorious weather I went up in the sky to take some images of our local beaches. It’s my favourite angle (as you all know very well). Even after all these years of flying and shooting the same beaches…I see new things every time I go up. There are plenty more aerial images from the weekend which will be sporadically posted throughout the week – so stay tuned.

After that strong Nor-Easter all weekend there’s a wind-swell available for surfing. Maroubra had a few.


The water's edge of North Bondi

Bronte pool blue laps

The floater, Bondi 1:30pm 11/10/2014

Kiddies Pool, North Bondi Saturday 11th October 1pm

Sunscreen required, Bondi 1pm 11/10/2014

Mahon Pool, Maroubra

Still plenty of room, Bondi Beach Saturday 11th October

Ben Buckler in all it's glory

Blake Thornton carving the fat off this NE windswell

Maroubra 6:40am today, the thinker

Maroubra 7am, BT showing us 11-30

6 thoughts on “Over & Above

  1. Great Bronte pool shot Uge, ocean pools always seem so uniquely Australian. Were you using a larger format sensor or the standard full frame DSLR? There are some great (and big) reproductions of your aerials shots in our waiting room (RNSH ICU) and I have always wondered whether you had a higher res for these.

    Lot’s of blue bottles at Maroubra this morning with the NE…


  2. Amazing aerial shots! We tend to forget how the waters can be so crystal-clear around here. Hey, too bad you weren’t at Bondi this morning, ’cause the dolphins were there surfing the (small) waves with us!

  3. Cheers Uge, been a keen follower for years and have some great prints from the dates of my kids birth. But to actually to get in a picture is quality (The floater, Bondi 1:30pm 11/10/2014). Keep up the great pics.

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