LL Cool J?


Hit the highway…it’s perfectly offshore, sunny and 4-6 foot…what are you waiting for?

The above set of conditions just don’t suit Bondi (it closes out with waves this size).

I was kicking myself when shooting today, knowing it was pumping on the reefs far from Bondi. Shoulda got up for the dawnie and found some slabbie delights.

Last week we lost a good bloke, Bondi local and regular surfer… Karl Timms. Karl was always out at Bondi on his longboard surfing with incredible style and grace. You’ll be missed in the lineup Karl. R.I.P.


Spade Work

Fat left into the bergs

Geoff Denman has been reading Aquabumps for 15 years. Onya champ

Cheap accommodation, ocean views, breezy rooms. Live like a local

Take off

'Dozer stalking...I am keeping an eye on you buddy.

Water looks cold girls

Karl Timms, frothing

Karl Timms, always up for trying something new

Karl Timms, you'll be missed in the line up brother.

12 thoughts on “Highway

  1. For the last 2 years Karl has been like a brother to me. We talked about everything and had some incredible paddle sessions at his beloved “Hack”and Cronulla. The sadness and incredible grief upon losing his unique intellect and company will not pass quickly. A man beyond all of my previous reckoning he has a special place in my heart.
    So sad.
    Good luck everybody.
    Stephen Caves

  2. Sad news, thanks for posting this news Uge.
    For years I used to see Karl very often in the water but not as often since he became a father.
    I clearly remember his face lighting up when his daughter was first born (about 6-8 years ago?) and him telling me “no it’s fine” (about not getting as much sleep). I admired how he kept so fit and was always keen to surf even when it was dribbly. He had natural surfing ability and he and Alex often surfed together before work on various crafts to keep it interesting.
    I feel especially for his young children and his wife – words can’t reach to the depths of their loss.

  3. Oh this is so sad. Karl was such a legend…always loved seeing him out in the water, so friendly and he always had something nice and positive to say. He will be missed. Lots of love to his family and all those that were lucky enough to have met him. Beautiful that you shared pictures of him with us all he will be missed x

  4. Having known Karl as a client for more than 15 years, more recently working alongside him and eventually as a mate I am lost for words at the sheer sadness of it all. Losing a mate is always a tough call but for someone so vibrant and good natured to go so quickly is beyond tragic…he is already, and will continue to be, missed by us all. His lovely family should know that he was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him, was full of the spirit of aloha and was, well, just the epitome of a ‘good bloke’.

  5. God Bless Karl.
    My first and only time to meet Karl was visiting in Easter from Melbourne.
    A lovely man, so full of life.
    God Bless and I pray Karl’s soul ascends to heaven.
    “Rejoice for you have heard the Good News and believed.” Ephesians

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