Bondi Beach, 6:15am, Vera soaking morning rays


All the recent bulldozing seems to have changed our sand bank setup at Bondi. No surprises there. So far I would say the recent renovations have been a improvement. Agree?

The waves seem to be breaking close to shore. I prefer that. Then you don’t have that gaping hole in the middle where you flap around like a mad chicken. Also when I am half asleep I only have to swim out 20 metres from the shoreline to shoot (yeah, lazy, sometimes).

Waves are 2 foot…5/10. Swell is from the SE. Max 26 on land. Winds NE 15-20 knots.

‘Nuf ramble.


Aimee and her big green skeg, Bondi

I found a cavity. Bondi

Cut backs all the rage this morning

Turbo wake

Everyone comes out for summer

Shorey trimmings

Chris Little being shut down, Bondi

Grom on the shred, Bondeye

Mo Sistas. Click BUY to find out why the girls have Mos

Melbourne Jardan Showroom featuring "Beach Calm" from our gallery

8 thoughts on “Shoreline

  1. Uge, do you know these Bondi surfers that invented the GloBro dunny gadget? They were on WA radio this morning, apparently they’re from your hood.

  2. Just wondering if there has ever been any discussion with beach groomers/bull dozers to push the sand out in a way which would create a nice bank?

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