Dancing room only. Bondi 6:15am


It was one of those crazy Bondi mornings where everyone was out. Surfers, runners, sculpture lovers, yogies, fluros and of course they were filming a movie down there at dawn too! Good old Bondi.

The waves were OK. 4/10 2 footers broke close to shore. Trying to snag a wave on your own was virtually impossible with the large crowd. At one point I would guess that 60 people were on one peak.

Today I shot a photo of Ben Cryan (the smiling guy in a vest). This guy is my hero. Anyone that can wipe out in Micronesia, sustain a reef cut, get infected, then survive a stroke, multiple organ failures, 33 operations…and still paddle into the line-up deserves some reco. He’s the guy that wears the big wave life jacket just in case he lapses into another epileptic fit in the water. I reckon every surfer should read his story.

This weekend is best spent on the beach. If you are coming to see Scultpure by the Sea please visit us in the Aquabumps Gallery. Maybe start your walk at Bronte and end at our gallery. Perfect! Follow it up with a breakky at Bills.

:: uge

Ben Cryan, good to see you back in the water

Incoming! Those guys in the foreground are about to get moved down by Anina


Oli Barnes negotiating traffic

Ed Cunningham getting some speed up on his Love Buzz


K-Ron and his yellow bewty


Ed, back hand stabs


'The Colours of Bondi' 167cm x 118cm hanging in Jardan Melb. Photo James Greer

8 thoughts on “Gridlock

  1. Uge, your website serves as a ‘who’s hot in bondi’ service. Ever think of branching out into speed dating on the waves? I know a good copywriter.

  2. Ben’s story is very inspirational uge, keep fighting Ben don’t know you but you are amazing…….
    Rob Smith ex- local

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