Nieslen Park (A.K.A. Shark Bay) NSW

Nielsen Park

Seeing it is overcast, 1 foot and onshore I decided to deviate from Bondi to shoot something different. Change is good. I ended up at Nielsen Park in Vaucluse which is also known as Shark Bay. Nielsen’s got the well known shark net (there isn’t that much to worry about in the harbour).

It’s hard to believe this harbour beach is a ‘surf break’…every now and then on those mega storms swell bounces around breaking in the Eastern corner. See these photos if you don’t believe me. Also this is what Nielsen looks like from the air.

The pace is very slow down at Nielsen compared to Bondi. Barely anybody there. Great spot for the kiddies on a baking summer’s day.


The net. Nielsen Park, Vaucluse

Nielsen Park patrons - got it all to yourself


The Nielsen Park Kiosk

The only Reo's I saw all morning

Hard to believe this is in a heavily populated city area

Shark net, Nielsen Park

Shot this last week but forgot all about it.

Surfing looks like this today, Bondi Beach 8am

Bondi man eaters

'Put your hands up in the air where I can see them'

6 thoughts on “Nielsen Park

  1. “Nielsen’s got the well known shark net (there isn’t that much to worry about in the harbour).”

    According to the doco on ABC a while back, many large bull sharks were recorded swimming past these harbour beaches within metres of shore.

  2. Clifton gardens and the marker on the point of Nielsen on the left side are major channels of the harbour with rocky drop off ledges the highways for kingfish,tailor and pelagics ,a tiger shark was caught by fisherman in rosebay a while back whilst netting mullet,don’t fool yourself the waters warming,waters clean,if there’s baitfish in the system the predators should be working which may include bull sharks ,kings,bonito,trevaley ,sailfish were seen last spring chasing yellowtail into the shallows at rosebay slapping fin on surface and stunning fish for a easy feed!

  3. Hi… as a kid in the 60’s there was a jetty that ran out along the side of Nielsen Park Beach. The fisherman used to fish off the and then they bring in sharks. We used to jump off at as kids. Does anyone have any photos of that Jetty can’t seem find any Kris

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