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Nothing like a bit of swell to kick off a week. Even better when it’s a south swell and feeds directly into Bondi. Waves were in the 3-4 foot mark…the banks are funky but at least you can paddle into something. Not a cloud in the sky – need I say any more?

I went foraging out the back with my camera in hand. Hard to line up anything with large volumes of water moving. The shorey at South Bondi eats people – whole.

37 days until Christmas. Over the next few weeks I am going to present gift ideas for people like us – beach people. No…it’s not all Aquabumps product!

  1. 2mm short arm steamer from O’Neill. One of the best pieces of rubber I’ve ever worn. Like wearing nothing. Seriously amazing. Buy $299
  2. Aido surfboard – the P-PUMP model. Best board for Bondi. Flat and fat, just like our waves. Webby (Aido how about updating your website this decade aye?)
  3. bassike x Aquabumps limited edition tees…the rumors are true! Two aussie brands have joined forces to create 3 limited edition tees for this summer. Short run, organic cotton, signature bassike cuts featuring our images and graphics – launching next week (next week folks – can’t sell them this week). We wanted to partner with the best tees in the biz – you’re gonna love ’em.
  4. Speedo x Aquabumps boardies. Our latest montage boardie in 4 way stretch featuring a collection of our Hawaiian images. Super comfy to wear in the surf – I tested ’em out for you. Buy

Later kids :: uge

Jonathan C Seelenmeyer, fin burner

Hanina - owning it

Dylan, one of the best reos in the Bondi

Best way to start your day

The hook

These two froth and beat me to the beach every day


Purl Harbour's John MacArthur

Arriving next week bassike x aquabumps tees

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