Slotted, Bondi 6:10am


Sometimes these emails run late. Sometimes they run late and include typos.

Sometimes, but not often, they don’t run at all.

Sometimes it runs late because of the work experience kid, but there is not school kid to blame today.

Sometimes the surf is so good that it would be a sin to sit indoors and update our website.

Today I have no excuses. The surf is OK(ish) 2-3 junky foot, but not good enough to warrant a late email. Sorry, she’s late.

Nice day though, whats left of it. Go outside.

I have a very special deal for you. If you are a Mastercard credit card holder you’re in luck! Rock into our gallery and we give you 2 of our Aquabumps books for the price of one (1 “Day at Bondi” and 1 “Beach Blog“). No strings, no dish washing, just one hell of a deal that is basically 50% off…

  • Valid for 1 more week (ends strictly 28th November 2014) or until stock runs out
  • ONLY, I repeat ONLY available in store (at the Aquabumps Gallery Bondi) and not online or over the phone. No refunds, exchanges for previous purchases. No reserving copies without payment from a Mastercard.
  • 1 of each type of book, not 2 of the same book.

See you at Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 with your Mastercards. Open every day 10am to 6pm.

:: uge (Please excuse my 15 years of typos)

P.S. Portugal The Man is playing at the Bucketlist Bondi this weekend. More

Sam Annear, open face hooks

Australia's Next Top Model contenders

Good looking morning light

Chris's hair is so perfect, even when doing turns like this.

Boomerang fin


1st light on Benny the Buckler

The world's tightest tube

Sweet lil' peach

Backwash rodeo - one of my favourite things to watch

Is your local beach as busy as this at 6am?

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