Staircase to the heavens


The south swell has come up in all that wind – but it’s of poor quality. Wind swells normally are. Good to see something surfable after a dead flat day, but it’s only 2/10.

It’s summer…time to get healthy. Our buddies from Bronte will deliver fresh fruit and veg to your door, direct from the markets. Just call Sam the Fruitman hotline 0420 906 061

The world’s oldest competitive surfer, Bondi legend, Barry ‘Magoo’ McGuigan passed away last week at age 85. Magoo was quite the character…a early adopter of yoga and spent his entire life crusted in salt dancing up and down a long board. Just spend 2 minutes watching this film and you will see what I mean.  Tomorrow (27 Nov) you can show your respects to the forefather of surfing in Bondi by participating in a salute to Magoo, 12pm, Queen Elisabeth Drive, Bondi Beach (right neat the lifeguard tower). RIP Magoo.

:: uge


Dylan on the biggest wave I saw all morning. Bondi

Rubber man, Will Ranken

George, part ape, part fish

Capt' Rob

This little guy was shredding the rip bowl

1st light baker

The grom and the bird

Mr. Kowalski doing his morning thing


Chasing some face

John and John

6 thoughts on “Magoo

  1. Cheers Uge for the Magoo film.
    What a great character. Well done to Dean Saffron & team for putting that together. Looking forward to doing the same till I am 85!

  2. Ugene just a quick question on average how many shots do u av take in a session to get yo days publication? Tanks Ben

  3. Uge, good to see you yesterday. Next time, I’m gonna take a photo of YOU instead of the other way around. Your reach is far and wide – I had calls and messages from all over the world after seeing yesterday’s shots. Great one of the grom and the bird! Keep it up mate – you make our day with such beautiful images and you bring our beloved Bondi Beach to us even when we can’t be there physically. Finally, a salute to Magoo – RIP mate as you ride your next wave!

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