Kombi, Bondi


Not a beach day today.

In fact I’d say Bondi hosts some of the worst mush I’ve seen in ages. 1 foot mush. Backing up my theory was a deserted line up. For those who don’t live in Bondi – it’s never, ever empty. People around here will surf half a foot and onshore. These showers should clear this afternoon making for a better half of the day.

In the absence of decent shots this morning, I’ve put together a collection of images I think look really good framed. I would hang any of these on my walls at home (some already do). Most of this selection you can see in our Bondi Gallery, all framed up and lookin’ mint…but if you had to order a gift for someone, pick one of these and I reckon you can’t go wrong. View entire range

Volcom are having a crazy sale tonight also. 50% off from 5pm. (Thursday 27th November 2014) . Head to 185 Pittwater Road Manly. More Info

Seeya :: uge

Waimea White Tiger, Hawaii

Blue Laps, Bronte Pool

Oasis, Bondi

Icy Wave, Broome

The Colours of Raro, Cook Islands

Skeghead, Bondi

The Colours of Bondi

Swell Coming, Bondi

Magic, Bondi

Rings, Mentawais, Indonesia

May the Fourth, Bondi

One thought on “Dire

  1. Thank you Uge for these great pics, they brighten my day, every day. Loving the sea but being from a landlocked coutry, this is as close as I get to the beach on regular basis:-).

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