Welcome to Sydney from 500 feet! This morning 6am

The Early Bird

Today’s update comes from 500 feet above Sydney Harbour. I had a little early morning job flying around in the bird. We live in an incredible city surrounded by water in every direction.

The 331 metre Voyager of the Seas slid into Circular Quay at 6:30am. This mobile city even has a stationary wave machine on rear deck. Yep, a flow rider.

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Few waves this morning. Northern Beaches is the go…2-3 foot and from the North.

Thanks ::uge

P.S. To clarify, these are not shot from a drone. I repeat. No drone.

Tugboat salute

5:30am...the colours lit up as I stepped into the heli

SUPing alongside a 331 metre boat. Did he surf the wake? Photo Russ Quinn

The Coat Hanger - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Day boats

Voyager of the Seas rolling into Sydney this morning

Sydney Ferries, Circular Quay

Barangaroo making some fast progress

She's big. Real big. Big back end to boot.

Our buddies, Audi

The Flowrider on rear deck, Voyager of the Seas

5 thoughts on “The Early Bird

  1. Cool! I could look at aerial shots all day i reckon, of anyhting.
    Was waiting to see how i felt after a while but don’t lime the weird little one liners through the post, just feedback ay, sure most love it.

    1. Yeah I could not agree more about the one liners. Not that my opinion is worth much but I feel like it really breaks up the flow of the images and find it more distracting then adding to the mood. Hope you take this constructively.
      Keep up the the good work anyhow.

  2. Big cruises are not really my thing, but after thoses photos I have to say that I wouldn’t mind a few days hanging at that one, how cool is that flowrider right at the bow?!

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