Walking the plank, Bondi 7:10am


Bokeh pronounced BOH-kay is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.

I’m a big fan of Bokeh and have been shooting wide open for years now in the water. Can’t do that on a fisheye. Leave that to Clarkie baby.

Waves are tiny and the light was exquisite for about 1 hour. That’s all. As you were.

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Tanker sunrise, Maroubra 6am

Nils hittin' reverse, his favourite move

Poppy Wise

Poppy on rails

Will owning the foam

Ghosties, Bondi

Something real bondi about this image

Just cruzin', Bondi 7am


Nail polish

Recognise those double colons? Aquabumps tees for sale now

4 thoughts on “Bokeh

  1. I think Clark Little gets a bit of a rough time here sometimes, granted he isn’t the most experienced or talented photographer in the world, essentially just a bloke with a camera willing to be under those things when they detonate. But it seems, to me anyway, that he’s basically a guy looking for an excuse to spend every day at the beach and it just so happens that people go absolutely psycho for it too – I think he’s as surprised as anybody that it’s gotten as popular as it has.

    1. Hey Fraser, he’s a awesome guy with incredible energy (we’ve met). I respect what he does…his courage in big dangerous surf is amazing. Not dis’ing his niche in photography – just sayin’ not my thing. That’s all. Have a great day ::uge

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