The ocean is pretty wild this morning. Bondi was 6-8 feet and pounding. I really hope these rogue currents rearrange our sand bank situation.

I am pretty sure it’s big enough for the harbour to be breaking. It would probably be waist high around there. Bondi wasn’t surfable. Not unless you like paddling. Lots of paddling.

It will all calm down on Sunday and there should be some fun waves everywhere in Sydney. I’m gettin’ psyched.

This weekend is traditionally a huge one in our Bondi Gallery. On Sunday our 1st Christmas order deadline closes. We are open 10am to 6pm all weekend at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 02 9130 7788 if you have any questions about timings, what frame goes with what -we’re here to help. The bassike x Aquabumps print is a great gift idea, we’ve got 10 in stock framed ready to go.

Bye ::uge

Icebergs not looking it's best

Surf anyone?

Rumblings out the back of Bondi

Be careful swimming today, lots of water moving

Windsurfers having a crack at Bondi

Teleport to another world

Drunk driving?

The beast

I have 10 of these bassike x aquabumps limited edition prints ready to go.

Morning rinse off

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