Climax, Bondi Beach 7:30am


Nice surfing conditions down at Bondi Beach this morning. The huge crowd tells me you already knew that…right?

Bondi loves a good 3-4 foot South swell. Got some dreamy little banks too. Unfortunately if you missed the morning session it’s all over – the southerly is now in and blowing 16 knots. It’s a junk yard out there (12:40pm).

Raining tomorrow. Bring the washing in.

:: uge

The mystery man behind the mist. Post wave spray

How good does this one look? Bondi Beach this morning


Empty good one

Frontside jam. Bondi 7:10am

Lip service

Bondi shade

Chris Friend, wrap

Joel, pocket time before the chandelier

3 thoughts on “Peaks

  1. Bondi must have a mean m2 land average,price of hourly parking/weekend parking mean average,price of coffee mean average,what’s Bondi water mass m2,what does then a wave over bondi per m2 of water based on land value average Sydney wide,mean average,then judge your wave price per wave price suburb to suburb..I wonder if this is why Aquabumps is based here or just purely geographical/I grew here luck,YES,we are all geographically lucky ,mean average ! To live around here aye! I wonder if Waverley council has these stats……

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