Pama Davies, backing into the wind, Bondi 7:10am


Some real surfing talent down at Bondi this morning. Our 3 footers drew out all the local shredders and some big wave legends. Not many other places would be breaking today. Bondi had fun ones.

Raining now…and it looks to be pretty stormy over the next few days.

On the 30th April, Thursday at the Bucket List Jack McCoy will be screening ‘The Green Iguana’ and ‘Kong’s Island’ from 6:30pm. Come on down…more


Lil' Petey Kavanagh looks like he's growing up fast.

Jarrad Howse, end section

Even Mark Mathews came down for a surf this morning at Bondi

Inside funnels

Marky Mathews, not just a big wave rider - can do airs

Massive foam climber

Pama Davies rotey

Teale Vanner

Pama Davies blowing out the tail

Bunny hop, Bondi

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