Bondi Icebergs 7:34am, Empty on Thursdays.


Right now the beach is all calm and chilled. A small pulse at sunrise had some fun ones, but now it’s back to a dribbly 1 foot. After a cloudy start the sun is out now and putting on some warmth.

Really nice day. REALLY nice day.

SURFAID is in partnership with Spotify. It’s called Surfify. Basically they’ve put together an album inspired by the ocean that every time you listen SURFAID gets a donation. Watch this to see how it works.

I have a friend, Paul. He’s quite an exceptional human. He has a drone. At first news of the earthquake in Nepal, Paul jumped on a flight to the crisis area – just to see if he can help.  He’s that kind of guy. Paul and is drone have raised $50k for Nepal. It’s called Dronation. Help Paul Help Nepal. Donate here. He’s about to fly back to Nepal to make sure all donations go right to the people that need it. Onya Paul. Check out his drone footage of the damage while you’re on his site.

:: uge

Sunrise lefts, small yet fun. 6:45am

K-Ron, reminiscing

Backwash bumps, Bondi Beach

Thursdays, pool is closed

Bondi Beach Bay

We wanna make sure you’re not lonely on a wave.

George. Lefts.

An aqua bump

Itchy heads, head lice is going around.

8 thoughts on “Empty

    1. Surprise, surprise, she’s not the only guilty one. Besides, it’s one of those party wave kinda days. If you get flustered by these sort of scenarios on a 1/2 foot day I reckon you’ve got issues…

  1. Great pics, as usual, Uge.
    Checked out Paul’s Dronation site. Amazing footage almost belies the sadness of the situation there.

    Thanks for the link. Every $ counts.

  2. Cripples are still around,bigger scene at the bra with the older lads,the underground even has a nice disrupt kneeboard up for sale if your interested……

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