Ratu Motu

Technology is pretty crazy huh? Here I am, 100 miles from any mobile phone signal, 200 miles from the closest port with barely a human in sight. But hang on…I’ve got satellite internet access! How convenient.

The waves pictured in today’s update are very remote and hard to get to, but they are also world class. Mostly lefts…the odd, fickle right. Mostly 3-6 foot and very hollow. If you’re keen on visiting these places, go here. It’s amazing!

Our little Mentawai sojourn is coming to a close – only 1 more day left in the islands. Next Aquabumps stop is looking like a visit to the snow celebrating the arrival of winter…yes…in New Zealand (Enzed). One of my favourite places on the globe to shoot. Watch this short time lapse piece filmed around Queenstown to get your snow froth on.

:: uge

6 thoughts on “Ratu Motu

    1. I’d be worried if there were ANY longboarders on the classic Ments line ups, peak season… Telo’s maybe a little bit more accommodating for those kinda shenanigans.

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