Pushing through some the turbulence


Some days are best left unphotographed. It’s pretty feral outside. I’ve got soggy shoes.

The beach was deserted today (and very dark). Car park empty. Surf was empty. Sand was joggerless. Nothing.

There are a few 3-4 foot waves peeling in. Very randomly. You might find something.

I reckon you will be able to surf this south swell all weekend though. Book that in.

OK, so…here’s some underwater photographs from last week in Indonesia to keep the salt between the toes.

:: uge

Wave mechanics

The blues

If only this was 2-3 foot bigger...

Wiping speed off, Mentawais

Water falling over

The paddlers

Karl Page pays me good money to publish images of him tubing.

Cloud art

Thin lips

2 thoughts on “Damp

  1. Not sure what time you were up today Uge, but the sand was not joggerless. 4 members of the North Bondi Soft Sand Harriers pounding out 4 laps on a nice firm track at 6am. We saw a couple of others out there as well, but you are right there weren’t many.

    Maroubra has a big soft sand race on Saturday, starts in the arvo.

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