This is Bondi now, 12pm. In a few hours it will look totally different


Change is happening believe it or not. Ah huh…right now…the rain and dark skies are parting whilst the south swell machine has finally clicked out of neutral. Come back to the beach in a few hours and you will see glorious sunshine and 2-3 footers feeding in from a nice ground swell. Booya!

Tomorrow looks like an amazing surf day…offshore all day…big…too big for around here. Take the day off and drive! Gonna be REAL cold though. Rubber up.

:: uge

This little tyke was charging...great Pipeline stance

2 dudes in a sea of greydom

No so dangerous right now

Humans are returning to the beach after a morning of pouring rain

The beginnings for a new south swell

One thought on “Bland

  1. Does anyone know the board company”Bondi bliss sticks”….think they manufactured in 80’s/90’s….interested in knowing their history ,one of their shapers was Simon Jones…think he is one of the shapers that has recently re birthed a few Micheal Peterson classics under the morning of the earth label…..?

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