Embrace the day! Bronte Bogey Hole


These mornings are immaculate. The crisp, clear, chilly winter’s air is a real treat. Shame about the lack of surf – it’s flat az… Fortunately tomorrow will host the odd 3 footer and it will build from there.

Just when you’ve think you’ve seen it all, a guy pulls out his dirt bike and tries to ride Teahuppo. For real. Watch this twisted Aussie, Robbie Mad Maddison take on ‘Chopes. Watch now

:: uge

JJ, tickle under the gills, Bondi Beach 7am

Chris, crusing

Bogey Hole, Bronte

Tamarama rock pool silk

Chilly swim, Bondi


2 dudes and a unridden peak

When you see these City to Surf tents - you know warm weather is not far...

No waves, nothing to do.

6 thoughts on “Clear

  1. Yes – certainly something different, that dirt-bike-at-Chopes piece. We all hope and pray, though, that this doesn’t spark emulative attempts around the globe. The last thing we real surfers need when we’re trying to enjoy mother ocean’s wonders are hordes of imbeciles flying about breaks on their dirt bikes! (We already have to deal with similar clowns on jet skis).
    On a lighter note – thanks again for the great pics, Uge. As always, excellent.

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