Wave Movements, Bondi


Today I elected to spend my morning underwater…in the blue. The water temperature has stepped up a tad and the clarity was really decent. The 2-3 footers at Bondi were fun, but mainly closing out on the lower tides. Higher tides should show an improvement.

Father’s day (Sunday September 6) is fast approaching. Suggested gift ideas:

  •  A new wetsuit for spring, this O’neill Gooru is so good.
  • John John Future fins.
  • Springcourt mid’s. The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.
  • A small (47cm x 33cm) $150, raw oak, framed photo of our latest and greatest ‘Wave Churn’ from Aquabumps. Takes 2 weeks so order now 
  • A six pack.
  • Comfy pant from Academy.
  • If you’re minted, he will fall over if you buy him a boat trip to Mentawais.
  • A bike

I’d be happy with anything above…and I am a Dad.

:: uge

Pushing water, Bondi

Chasing it down the line, Bondi

Split personality

Poking through, Bondi

Wave back

Just love that light

Rings at Bondi, rare.

Slipping underneath

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