Hiding from the storm, Icebergs


Well…this storm currently lashing Sydney has plenty to it, doesn’t it? It’s been raining a lot lately with gale force winds. These storms are fruitless for surfers…the wind is just too strong and few surf spots are protected enough. Today is a great day to collect brownie points and get some work done.

Should you find yourself shopping all weekend, out of the rain, head to Supa Centa Moore Park – we’ve got a pop up exhibition installed there looking all pretty with my latest works.

Question: So when is it calming down? Answer: Monday

Question: Next sunny beach day? Answer: Next Thursday

:: uge

P.S. these photos shot today will not be making it into my gallery!

Bondi, windy and rainy

Arlen, storm boy

Rogue waves

Go get your bin from down the street

The Aquabumps pop up exhibition at Moore Park Supa Centa

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