Jonathon and his wafty tail at Bondi 7:30am


It’s back…sun + waves that is! 3 cheers!

After a long week of pretty miserable weather  it’s finally come good. You’ve probably been indoors working hard so it’s a good day to take some time off and surf or swim. I am.

Do you know 7 people work at Aquabumps? An empire. Kinda. OK not really. We are looking for a grommet to help out in our production department. Y’know, cutting prints and working back of house. Approx. 20 hours a week. Need to be switched on and keen az. Read this

:: uge

Bronte runner

Bronte pool paradise

The Bondi wedge

Rush hour

Reef hugger

Wobbly lines of this morning

Through the slot


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