Brooke, morning dip. Bondi


It’s warming up and feeling good. Bondi Beach was packed at sunrise and everyone’s happy. Even though the water was a tad chilly, it’s invigorating. The Blue Bottles have rolled into town – beware.

Waves – yeah, saw some. Choppy onshorey types around your waist to chest. I didn’t surf – but if you had nothing else on I’d paddle out.

Loads of people in town making their way to the grand final. Pop in and see us in the Aquabumps Gallery if you have time. We are a studious mob and open for the entire long weekend (yeah, including Monday). The weather is 100% custom made for the beach – so make your way down here.

:: uge

That left, Bondi

Icebergs after a fresh clean

Dave Norman and his silky turns

Dion after dancing with a blue bottle

Lift off, Bondi


Beau Walker

2 thoughts on “Fryday

  1. 61902 looks like my girlfriend and I but she’s not sure. I was wondering when it was taken and would we be able to come and have a look at it because I wouldn’t mind buying it if it is us and if the boss wants it. Thanks Tony

  2. Hi,
    I once took a photo of Ben buckler at sunset. It was amazing but no where near your class of photography. Do you have anything like this? I’ve looked but no luck.

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