Byron Bay, Tallows. I bet he got a fright at first. Shot 12pm today

Byron Bay

Last week when I mentioned to people I was going up to Byron Bay their first reaction was a puzzled look…then the standard response “Hope you’re not going in the water…it’s too sharky”

Yes, they’ve had a bad run up here with big fish coming in close. There are so many theories why. Everyone has a shark story or has been called out of the water. Every day there is a heli surveying the area for sharks and I hear the local police even give out fines if you disobey evacuation orders.

My observations of the past few days is that’s it’s business as usual. Kids are in the line being pushed onto waves by their parents. The points are packed and the salubrious weather has everyone on beaches. All seems fine.

I just spent an hour flying up and down the coast between Ballina and Byron – all I saw was huge whales, dolphins, nudists and a handful of surfers. No big teethed grey suits. The water is super clean with current small swell…the colours are amazing.

Enjoy the cape.

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Broken Head looking back, God's back country. 12pm today

C'mon on, get in. Tallows Beach, Byron Bay today at lunchtime

The Pass line up, today

They sure do have fun waves up here...

The famous Cape Byron

Broken bank

Tallows Beach surfers.

Byron contrasts. Smooth and rough. Today.

Cutting through the beginners at The Pass, Byron

Canoes, Bryon

Steve Woods in his shark repellant stripe suit.

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