Maroubra frother

Standard Mornings

Pretty standard morning around here. An outsider would call it manic, but we’re accustomed to local mayhem. What am I talking about?

Well, to begin, hundreds of girls were waving around exercise balls at Bondi this morning trying to beat a world record.  A heavily pregnant woman was instructing the demonstration…all for the Fitness and Health Expo. Looking further down the beach Fluoro Friday’s were in force. Looking behind me the Modball Rally cars were doing a parade around Bondi…spinning rims and all. The police took advantage of all the rev heads on show and set up a road block on Campbell Parade to check wheel thickness, lowered suspensions and if your bonnet blower was street legal. The juice cafes were packed, the beach packed…the broad walk packed. Full house.

And this was all before 8am today!

I headed to Maroubra for some quiet and exposure to this new North swell. Oh boy it looks so fun, bummed I forgot my board.

:: uge

Blake Thornton, morning boost

World record attempt, I think...

Troy Van Vliet, fin release

Tamarama morning jogger

Monty Tait, pop

Rights lining up

Backing it out

Trademark Blake

Shinya Dalby full pace

Monty Tait, blowing out

Body torque

One thought on “Standard Mornings

  1. “World record attempt” or is it the mysterious . . .
    falun gong cult…
    rest of pics are `aquatic lip ripping good` rip on…
    cheers Jaja

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