Boys waiting for a set, Tamarama

10 minutes…

10…that’s how long you’ve got in the water before the shivers take over. The water is cold with all the northelies blowing. The land is hot and muggy, like Singapore. Gonna swelter up to 30+ degrees today.

Waves – sure have. Swell has picked up. It’s 3 foot and SO FAT at 8am. Lower tides (now) should be fine.

Big crowds in the water at the moment. Surf with a good attitude. If you’re a newcomer to the sport – surf the middle, not the south of Bondi. It’s so much easier there and you will get less hassles..

:: uge

Chris Little surfs a lot. Like every day.

Nice view


Sculptures dodge

K-Ron, morning dance

Wobbly walls of Tamarama


Simon O'Brien on his home made board

Chris Little on a nice runner

Sunrise over Tamarama this morning

Simon, statue

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