Bondi Armageddon, Friday 6th Nov at 12:30pm

The Rookie

I’ve got a confession…

I nailed some storm photos on Friday. You know, the Armageddon type cloud that rolled in Sydney at lunchtime on Friday 6th November that everyone is talking about and broke the internet? It was amazing. I was luckily enough to be down there at first hint of that radical front – I raced back to the gallery – grabbed the nearest camera and sprinted back down.

I was so chuffed with myself. Snappin’ away. 20 different angles of the cloud juggernaut.


I got back to my desk, started downloading and realized my studio camera was set to 720 pixels JPG files (lo res). R O O K I E ! I am still slappin’ myself as I write this. I’m devo. So no, I can’t print these minuscule bad boys and barely resuscitated an image out of ’em for this blog post. Forgive me.

Surf is 1-2 foot. Clean early today. Clear Skies. Small waves all week.

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Clean hooks

Shark bait

Mouths agape, she's about to blow!

These two swim matter what the weather is doing

Slabby shorebreakers

Decent lil' morning runner at Bondi

North Bondi under seize

Fuzzy lips

Into the light

Love these mornings. The golds

Bondi layers

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