Saturdays Surf comes to Bondi - Morgan, Josh and Colin


Wow, good weather brings out the crew! For me…these warm mornings with waves are the good times down Scum Valley. It’s packed and there’s a great vibe.

Waves broke around 3 foot, fat again though.

The Saturday’s Surf crew from NYC just opened a shop in Bondi – love it!

:: uge

Big fins and drop ins

Julia Softley - expecting

In the rough

Drop ins a plenty

Wow it's busy down there

Karl Page defying gravity


Perfect morning for a swim

Josh Rosen going right on lefts!

Bart taming the left

Team wave

5 thoughts on “Hive

  1. Uge, why ‘Scum Valley’? I miss the reference. Is it that run-off pipe you mentioned last week? Or something else?

    1. Once upon a time, say back in the eighties, Bondi went by the name Scum Valley. Then, it had been in the throes of a heroin epidemic,had a beachside sewage outlet and was topped with all the ills of a low income population – gangs, broken homes, substance abuse, yadda, yadda, yadda. Today, postgentrification, Bondi is the only Australian city that combines surf and cosmopolitanism.

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