Hugo throwing out some heat.


Bamboo Benny from Coastalwatch called it…a mix of swells…new underlying south swell that may pump out the odd bump. Ah-huh…Bondi had some decent little fruit bowls on a right bank earlier today – but wow, what a crowd…boards in all directions. Bring your helmet.

We’ve had a pretty decent run of small, surfable swells. I’ll go out on a limb and say we’ve had around 21 days in a row of surfing. Na, you’re not getting shacked…just getting wet.

The water was freezing this morning. Rubber required. Hot and humid today!

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Ray of light, and Frankie

La Sage, trimming the fat

Hugo walking the plank

Hugo weaving through morning traffic on the nose

Cool clouds

Decent lil' rights...lil' ones...

The Chaci


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