Wasn't it a huge one in Bondi on the weekend. Massive

Bullet Points

  • Last’s night’s howling NE winds kicked up some windswell. You wouldn’t know it as Bondi faces south. Go hang with Blake at Maroubra and you will find something to surf (finally after a week of nothing).
  • The QT hotel in Bondi Beach final opens it’s doors today (in the old Swiss Grand). This is a big occasion. One of Australia’s most well known beaches actually has a hotel…yes, and a supermarket! Hard to believe I know.
  • I met Adriano De Souza when he was a teenager sleeping on Chilli’s sofa. The workhorse just got his 1st world title. I never forget shooting him at Whaley and thinking this kid’s unbelievable. He has been a force on the tour for years and works hard at it. Hard work pays!
  • You have been sent this link 100 times in the past 24 hours. Kelly Slater and some nerds have developed the most insane man made wave in the world. It blew my mind. Link
  • If you want a gift card to our gallery, we can email or post one to you. Real quick

:: Uge (yooj)

Blake Thornton, up early and blowing tails

People like it here...

Maroubra, sunrise surfer

Adriano De Souza, world champ...shot this when he was a teenager

MMM, smell the baby oil

New vs Old - Maroubra


Lost Esky Hawaiian vibes

12 O'clock

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