The rain has ceased...yeha!


Go outside, the rain has stopped. Toot toot!

I saw a few waves down the beach as well, true. 2-3 footers, bumpy and lumpy just how we like it here.

Sharks? Na…didn’t see any. Saw plenty of TV crews – funny.

People – pretty thin. Everyone’s on holidays and sleeping in or bailed out of town.

Our gallery is open 10am to 6pm today and tomorrow. We have plenty of things to grab off the shelves and stick under a tree.

See you soon,

:: uge

Icebergs people

Nice left, makes me wanna hit it.

She's got curves. Her name, Pacific

Big sharks everywhere today

Wolfmother? Naa. Just Danny Goldberg with bed head

Dylan, fine tuning down the line

Glo Court

Becky about to get slammed

Take that! Sage.

Ready to ship of pick up. Still can get it tomorrow.

One thought on “Cease

  1. Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for another year of great photos. A friend of mine moved to Sydney in 2009 and added me to your daily mail. Many, many times since, I’ve cycled to work through the pissing rain and cold on a horrible English day and one of the first emails I open when I get to my desk are your great shots of somewhere sunny. It really has brightened up a lot of days for me, so much appreciation for that. One day I’ll get to Bondi and I’ll look for you to say thanks in person before a morning surf.
    Happy Days

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