Big Wave Dave taming a good day at Bronte


Bondi Beach looked a little grim this morning. The rain kicked in and it was dark…super dark. Finally some waves are breaking. 2 footish and should come up during the day. A little wonky though. It will be big tomorrow. I decided to cancel shooting and post some recent stuff shot around Bondi.

You’ve probably heard the news of Big Wave Dave. The local identity will be missed around Bondi Beach in and out of the surf. So very sad. Condolences to all his friends and family. To celebrate this great man’s life there will be a mass paddle out at Bondi Wed 10th Feb at 1pm (North Bondi). If you don’t want to paddle out – you can view it all from North Bondi RSL. For anyone showing up on the day, black is out of the equation. Colourful dress mandatory. RIP big fella.

Out :: uge

P.S. Did you know there’s a brand new fancy hotel in Bondi…? Yep…QT hotel Bondi. Check it.

Big Dave tucking under

Big Wave Dave RIP

Contrasts of Bondi

Surf trim. Bondi

I liked yesterday better...

Icebergs, dark morning

Shorey throw

The all new QT hotel in Bondi Beach

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