Diffused foggy rays of this morning at Bondi


Weird mix of hot and cold made for foggy conditions this morning down at Bondi Beach. Some nice colours at sunrise.

The water felt frosty! Small waves, best for large surf craft.

Quite a lot of people down there this morning.

Later :: uge

Celebrity Chef Ben O'Donoghue and his wife Dee

Charlotte in the golds

Hued start to the day

Girls dip

Morning grovel

Mr Sung and his new Jed Noll

Mal rights

My son Jet walked around the cafe today shooting portraits (age 4). Nice work!

One thought on “Diffused

  1. Hi Uge , love the portrait. Some of our family’s best people shots were taken by our kids when they were little. People don’t get all awkward and shy when a kid is holding the camera. Just the opposite.


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