Dark bombie sets, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Ujan angin

Selmat Pagi.

Even though the Mentawai Islands are only 150 kms off the coast of Indonesian Sumatra, it’s a different world out here. The volatile conditions of the Mentawai Strait have kept these people isolated from the modern world and they remain one of the most purest indigenous societiesĀ on the globe.

The last few days we’ve been experiencing the bad weather which keeps this area untouched. The amazing thing is, it will blow 35-40 knots and then completely glass off, just hours later. Plenty of swell around and getting bigger.

Following my Mentawai junket, in July, I will be heading to the South Island of New Zealand, my annual snow pilgrimage. This time I’ll be around Mt Hutt. One of the main reasons why I love shooting in New Zealand is all the interesting Kiwis you meet along the way. Check out this character, George, and his 17 year old ice cream business that’s going up to the snow this year. View video

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Storm tones, Mentawais

Erik, our surf guide...spent most of the last 15 years up here.

Very heavy water

Hey, that's us!

Windy lefts

35 knot squall.

Sumatran big bugs!

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