Winter silver sets, Bondi 7:10am


It was only 9 degrees as I roamed around South Bondi. With the stiff offshore chill it felt colder. Bondi is best known for it’s packed peak summer days, but the reality is most of the time it’s like this in winter – empty. I like it. So quiet down there. Barely anyone swimming or exercising. Surfing – yes, 3 footers and only a hand full out. Enjoy.

We’ve got a pop up exhibition at the Moore Park Supa Centre. Have a look. The entire retail Centre is having a 1 day sale this weekend (sat 18th June). See deals

:: uge

Sums up my morning

See, I told you there were waves

One day there won't be a single crane at bondi. One day.

Creative signage

Clouds moving by...

Take off into the metallics

New Bondi surf spot 'Bone Crushers'. Catch a wave, slam into the bergs

Lefts too!

One thought on “Winter

  1. Urge, you ave done it again….the first pic “Winter silver sets” gets my #1 vote, just beautiful! You can feel the winter shivery-ness in the air!

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