Lee, any tougher and he'd rust. Wind chill = 0 degrees

Brass Monkeys

Yesterday was the coldest day in 21 years. It only reached 11.7 degrees. Today is warmer, can still feel it biting deep into the bones.

Some people don’t feel the cold. Just take a look at Lee in the photo above. Stickers…morning stroll before sunrise at the North end where it was really windy. Wind chill at sunrise would have been next to nought. Tough guy!

Again, Bondi was dead quiet. 3-4 guys surfing in 3-4 foot peaks. Good times for those that dare brave the cold.

Blacklist X Aquabumps

We’ve teamed up with a Nate, the talented artist behind Blacklist Store to produce a limited edition run (300 only) ‘Sea Love’ artworks. The image is of Bondi from above, one of my signature angles combined with silver foil hand writing from Nate. We’re stoked how it came up, signed, numbered and ready to go. Only $300 framed in oak or $180 unframed. Shipping free for Aussies (unframed free for overseas peeps). Order online


:: uge

Still a few beasts out there, Bondi

Nice chunky left, take off

Tradies and lefts

Wobbly lines

Few right chunks in the middle

You never see Bondi so quiet

Rogue lefts, Mid-Bondi

Limited edition, aerial image of Bondi with silver foil Blacklist handwriting $300 framed

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