Nailing the shot...earlier today...

Drive thru

I drove from Maroubra to Bondi this morning hunting waves and light. Even though there is plenty of swell there wasn’t really anything breaking well. Didn’t see anyone get a good wave.

A brief spark of colour at sunrise got things going, but rain and grey now dominate the landscape. A good day to be indoors and cranking work out!

3 things you should know about this week ahead:

  1. Rain should stop around lunchtime today and it’s really quite a warm day in Sydney at 22 degrees.
  2. Swell will fade from today onward. But a big south swell will hit Friday (8ft)
  3. Wednesday will be surfless and cold (max 15 and min 7)

:: uge

All year round this ocean pool is full.

Sky! Wow!

Rare breed these days around here.

The sky is on fire (just for a moment)

Fire water in the ocean pool

Watching the storm gain momentum

Early risers see all the best light

Limited edition, aerial image of Bondi with silver foil Blacklist handwriting $300 framed

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