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Romance with Italy

Well, Bondi wasn’t looking that flash this morning. It was pretty lame to be honest. Onshore, grey and 6 inch mush (maybe even smaller). There’s bigger waves in The Med when the Capri ferries hoon past. No need to come down. Your office cubicle is the right place to be today.

I’ve only scratched the surface with sifting through all the shots from Italy. Today is one of those days where I have an opportunity to show you more.
Tutto bene…Buona giornata
Ciao, Eugenio

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The Whitsundays water colours, 1:30pm


I’m up at Hamilton Island for The Audi Race Week. It’s a big sailor’s festival where 250 boats take over the island. It’s their biggest week of the year on this tropical island.
Even though the weather was pretty overcast the emerald greens of the Whitsundays still prevail. It’s a very good looking spot indeed. Especially from the air. I was lucky enough to take a flight over Whitehaven beach, which is one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.
The very clever Hayden Cox, from Hayden shapes is launching his new book up here tomorrow night. There’s plenty on. Follow @AudiAustralia Instagram if you want some behind the scenes footage of our aerial shoot and action from the island (in the Instagram Stories).
Cheers, uge

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I’m Back

Italy was awesome, thank you. Bondi ain’t too shabby either. I’m back. Just look out the window, what a day! Spring is here and the weather is spot on.
Small waves around 1-2 foot – 1 wave came in bigger which is pictured above. It was SO good to see waves again. I missed them.
Small waves all week. Very windy on Thursday. Rain on Wednesday.
That’s about all you need to know right now.
Ciao :: uge

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Our fling with Italy is coming to an end. This is the last post from here…a sigh of relief I hear from some. I know, let’s see photos of waves! I miss waves too…but this coast is just as seductive.
So you’re a busy person. If you want a 4 day tour of The Amalfi Coast then follow these instructions below, I reckon you can’t go wrong. It’s my short cut guide after a couple of trips (there is so much more I know).
We stay around Praiano. We love it there. Positano is a little hectic and just a 4 min water taxi away.
Day 1 – Hire a self drive 40hp rubber boat and fang to the island of Capri (we use La Sibilia hire Company). You don’t need a boat license, just a car license. They are super relaxed here about that stuff. The back side of the island is mind blowing – swim in caves, crystal clear blue water. Then drive your boat across to Nerone and have lunch at Conca Del Sogno or Lo Scoglio (epic). Alternatively lunch on Capri we rate Il Riccio – all accessible by your little boat.
Day 2 – Hire a motorbike, ride to Amalfi from Positano. Cars don’t fit on these roads. Bikes cut drive time in half and you really live it – wind in the hair and all. One of the most windy scenic roads you will ever drive on. Eat lunch on a cliff edge at Ravello (in the hills).
Day 3 – Get loose at One Fire Beach Club Praiano. ‘Nuf said there. Take water taxi across to Da Adolfo for lunch (must). Dinner at Il Pirata/La Strada/Next2/Chez Black – so many to choose from. Kick on to Africana (night club in cave) if you can’t stop.
Day 4 – Spend a day in busy Positano…shop…drink at Franco’s or Le Sirenuse followed by a fancy dinner at Zass (Il San Pietro)
After all that, you will be a little heavier, happier and spent a truck load of euro – but it’s worth it!
See you in Bondi.
:: uge

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I must say, you see plenty of Aussies here in Italy’s Costiera Amalfitana. For a destination that’s approximately 30 hours from home – I’m surprised at the numbers. Europeans think a 2 hour flight is too long. This week alone there were 3 Australian weddings around here. One wedding with 180 people. That’ll boost the local economy.
Even the Kardashians (and Kanye) are out here…
Costiera Amalfitana does have some sort of magic…something that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Weather is consistently good at this time of year…the food (mainly seafood) is just sensational and the historical towns built on cliff sides are very quaint… If you come here, be prepared to walk up plenty of stairs. Oh boys…stairs everywhere.
::  Eugenio

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Beach Club

As you can see I am having a pretty rough time here in Italy…
The beach clubs are still busy and it’s 30 degrees every day. The water is incredibly blue and clear…I never want to get out.
We did have a little scare when shooting these pics as the chopper stalled (for a moment) at 2,000 feet above Capri. I’ve been shooting aerials for 10 years now and nothing like that has ever happened before. Yes, we freaked and necked Limoncello shots on landing. So I really hope you enjoy the images!
A lot of people want to know what cameras and lenses I use for all my images. Well, I’m a Canon kid. Their latest lenses are just so sharp. Underwater I am currently using the recently updated 16-35mm lens…which is just pure joy to use. My Camera body of choice is either the 5Dsr’s or 1dX Mark II’s. Depending on what I am shooting. Canon are offering Aquabumps readers deals here when using promo code ‘Canon5’.
We are on the move today. 4 days at Ca’ Pa’ was truly amazing (and private).
OK, Ciao ciao. :: Eugenio

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