Grey Suits

The shark alarm cleared North Maroubra this morning around 6am. Rumor has it, there is a friendly shark looking for a few mates in the lineup. He’s been around all week the local boys tell me. Do you get out when you hear the alarm? Comment here.

With a new north wind swell, there are a few waves today. It’s 2 foot with a few wedgey ramps at The Bra. Nothing special. I wouldn’t tools down and bake it down there.

It’s gonna get hot today, 33-degree-hot. Typical of Sydney, thunderstorms will arrive around 4pmish to cool things down. Still should be pleasant for your after work swim.

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Ciao, uge

Shark Alarm, everyone out!


Maroubra pastels


Joe, pocket driver


Inside ramp


Up all night...


Blake Thornton, ramp hunt


Girls and insty, up early


5 thoughts on “Grey Suits

  1. 2 years ago in Newcastle we had beaches closed for days on end due to sharks. After a while, local surfers were “over it”, particularly when it was 30 + degrees, offshore and 2-4 ft. During these times surfers would stay close to each other in the line up playing the statistical odds game with no one venturing too far out the back for set waves in case they were picked off by a roving shark. We all survived ??

  2. We had a 7-8 foot shark at Newport on Northern Beaches early Sunday morning at the Peak. Clubies sent a rescue boat to pick up some ocean swimmers. No harm done. No lives lost.

  3. Good job Maroubra lifeguards….on the job early and aware….there have been small grey nurse sharks coming in to feed behind and through the break for salmon that have congregated in numbers the last few weeks with warming ocean temperatures….south bra has magic point sanctuary ….so be aware of your shark species……

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