I get this comment a lot “Those pink skies, you photoshop them in, don’t you?” said standing in my gallery, on a grey day around 12 pm when there is no chance of seeing any colour down the beach.

Now, why would I do that when I can just wake up early and shoot a pic. It’s much less work than photoshopping pink clouds in. That would take hours.

I’ve seen more sunrises than Ibiza DJs and today’s was quite vivid but very quick. Blink, and you’d miss it. Check my Instagram for the timelapse that demonstrates how fast it muddied back to greydom.

Fortunately, the surf looked good. Head high, super clean. Uncrowded. Seeya, I am out there.

:: uge


The tails of this mornings sunrise stretched across Bondi Beach


Amazing, just moments later it looked like this


Tom Naylor nailing it


Tom, wrap


Grom learning airs


Middles had some lefts


6 thoughts on “Blink

  1. Hi uge, but isn’t shooting raw and applying your own processing also somewhat photoshoping? I’m not saying you’re cheating but am pretty sure that you are applying filters to your raw images, like any other photographer.
    Great pics, as always!

    1. Hey Knut…not applying filters to build a fake photo, just using photoshop to restore the original raw image (which is very flat) into an image that better resembles what I saw my eye this morning.

      Thanks for commenting, it’s a good topic.


  2. I saw the same amazing colour as I drove down the Great Western Highway from the Blue Mountains. It was there, then suddenly gone.

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