For the third time in 7 days, the skies lit up with intensively vivid hues, like a Warhol piece. Sometimes we don’t get any colours in the skies for months. To get this many in a week is pretty cool. Makes shooting flat Bondi very interesting.

It’s true. I’ve seen a helluva lot of sunrises. Thousands. You can see my little stash of the good sunrises ‘ere.

Surfing – it’s bigger than yesterday but still not really doing much. Be patient, it will come.

Due to popular demand, we’re keeping the Underwater Ballet artworks up in the Bondi Aquabumps Gallery for another week. So come before August 15 to check them out. Watch for more info

:: uge





Even Da Bergs got a tint

It's coming...


Lap it up


Pretty lucky to have mornings like these


It's bigger than yesterday, but still not pumping


Java under a tree


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