The sun is rising earlier now and so are my daily emails. Bondi put on some morning colour and plenty of crew enjoying a (frosty) pre-work swim. The water is so cold for Sydney. WOW. I’d say the lowest it gets here.

It’s always nice coming home to such a beautiful city. I love visiting other countries, but we have it darn good here.

The waves have gone, it’s only 1 – 2 foot. North winds.

Adios :: Ugios



Oh no, please no. Not at Bondi. Foil boarding is good on a quiet beach


Mr Strain, rubberless and awake (now)


Brace for impact


Sol winding up


Brownie frothing a new foam beard




Nah, not much going on 'ere


6 thoughts on “Early

  1. Common sense is not common practice. I guess we need a law to come in ASAP banning foiling within 50m of other surfers and swimmers. How can he see swimmers coming out through the lineup… Even pros struggle on those things. He won’t leave the beach with his teeth if he comes even half close to anybody.

  2. I blew up at the Foil guy today. If you are reading this foil guy, I apologise, the last thing you want is a grumpy old guy screaming at you, first thing in the morning. In his defence, the Foil guy gets it. He admitted he would never consider taking out the foil at Bondi on the weekends. Regardless, I feel strongly, that Foils are too dangerous for a crowded beach like Bondi. Please no foils.

    1. Mr. K, oh boy, I think he copped it from a few people today – what next? Maybe that guy that rode Chopes on a motorcycle? Hahaha.
      I had a drone, 3 metres above my head, again, flying illegally to close to humans today. I’m going to start to wear protective gear when I shoot in the mornings.
      It’s the most dangerous beach in the world!

      1. It is already an effort leaving the water in one piece… If it isn’t crowded he may let his guard down which is dangerous at that speed, with total lack of maneuverability. I’d say swimmers coming out the back could lose their head. Waikiki I heard someone had a hand cut off by a foil. Good to hear everyone was blowing up

  3. Foil addicts feel free to use your foils on coogee cake island or so isolated surfbreaks, don’t bring them to public beaches if you don’t wanna get troubles from pinguins .

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