Euro Nostalgia

It’s raining in Sydney; it hasn’t stopped all morning. The crusted salt on my car is finally washing away as hopefully, our farmers are jumping for joy with drought reprieve. The beach was pretty ugly this morning. Grey, dark, 2 foot. Nestle into that office chair, it’s going to rain for 48 hours – get some work done!

OK, let’s go back to Europe. Just for a bit. The sun is baking, the smell of the sea and tanning oil wafts past as you contemplate your next Aperol spritz (before lunch). Ahh yes.

In 2019 I’ll be heading back to Europe to shoot – maybe different places like Spain and Croatia this time.

Ava great day.

:: uge

San Giorgio Mykonos, Scorpios own hotel - it's good!


Italians will bake on anything


Da Luigi, Capri. Imagine if a right hander wrapped that big rock




Mykonos effervescent


Super Paradise, an oasis in the desert


2 thoughts on “Euro Nostalgia

  1. having spent 10 summers living in London and exploring all the Med has to offer, Croatia is without doubt one of my favourite beach destinations.

  2. Coming to Europe, really Uge ? meaning that there might be a way of getting you over to my place and show you a bit of what I love about it ? How I would love that and offer you a tiny part of the beauty you capture all over your side of the planet and share with your fellow human beings !

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