Tamarama burgerland lefts

Tamarama burgerland lefts


Softies, Coolites, Foamies, Softtops, Beaters, Esky lids… Bondi is the global mecca of these incredibly buoyant surf vehicles. Everywhere I look these days I see Softies in the surf at Bondi. It’s a revolution! There are more soft boards than hard boards these days. Not saying it’s bad or nuttin’ – just an observation.

My kids ride mini softies, the Dune Buggy, and love ’em. The wifie thinks she’s ripping on her huge chunk of foam. I saw this Modom softie up at Surfculture, which is the closest thing to a normal PU board I’ve seen (not sure you could ride it in the flags though.) I’ve heard great things about Mick Fanning’s foamies, but you’ll pay for it as they’re priced close to a normal PU shortboard.

Summer’s coming, Tama’s flags will be up soon and they haven’t banned softies at North Bondi (yet). What’s your favourite foamie brand/model?

Today – NE winds and swell, occasionally head high. Very overcast. North Bondi has some grovelling type peaks, but Tamarama had the best wave, but the 5:30am high tide was killing it. Super fat. Better on the low, and you can check out the Scultpures by the Sea which kicks off today.

See you down at Bondi with Prince Harry and Megs tomorrow.

Onya, :: uge


Tamarama SLSC scored a new lick of paint. Not sure who did it

Tamarama has a few. On sets, head high


Loved to see you get barreled on that thing


Share boards hanging out at North Bondi


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16 thoughts on “Softies

  1. Soft tops even surfing 5ft waves south end earlier in the week, so much safer for everyone involved. Just know the rules in the surf people – resect your elders, and the locals. Watch every move they make. You can learn so much, and earn a lot of respect.

    Where is that neon sign? It makes me want to open a surf shop!

  2. Glad I’ve found this blog! I want to get my 4 year old out into the water with me so trying to decide what softie to get. I was thinking of getting a bigger one in the 8’0 to 9’0 range so I can paddle onto waves with him while he and gets his confidence. If he gets into then I guess the Dune buggy or similar in a year or 2. Would appreciate anyone’s thoughts/experiences!

    1. My kids at 4 and 7, they both have Dune Buggies (good price at $199)
      I have big foamies, and I found that at first they’re cool with me on it with them – but that passes quite fast.
      They wanna surf on their own and a small board is more manageable for them. Jet (7) can’t paddle a big board out through surf, but he can paddle a little dune buggy out.

  3. Myself(most of the time now)… my partner and tribe ride 6’quad and 8’twin fin Odysea/catchsurf foamies… perform well/fun/durable :))

  4. I ride a G-Board, mostly around North Bondi, and while it’s nothing flash, I’m happy. Great for getting heaps of waves straight away, and it’s firm enough that it doesn’t really feel like a foamy. Pretty sure Let’s Go Surfing has hundreds of them tucked away in the storage locker there.

  5. I recently picked up a Spooked Kooks 7ft. A new surf company that make boards with recycled plastic. Don’t think the whole board is recycled but they are definitely on a good thing. They are heaps of fun too! Turn beautifully.. and pastel colours ?

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