Plenty of swell, just too much onshore wind. Bondi was a blown out mess after an early southerly arrival. You need to seek some cover – something like Manly.

We’ve had a good run of swell – the weekend was pumping and today it’s a new swell (4-6 foot). Wait until it calms down a little – and neatens up for you to ride.

Ocean pools are very unique to Sydney’s beaches and I’ve been shooting them for years (trying to get all of them in New South Wales is quite the challenge). See how far I’ve got with my Ocean Pool collection
Prints available, shipping globally.

A great mate of mine has started a new swim goggle business (Fiski) and it’s taking off. My kids use ’em, I use ’em. They’re only $20 bucks a pair for Aquabumps readers. Just enter ‘Aquabumps’ at check out online. Make a good Chrissy presents!


:: uge

UFO landed at North Bondi


Just kicked the squatters out


North Bondi golden beams


Linework of the famous Icebergs


The Bondi Book - $50, perfect gift

Not suitable boards for today


How good were the waves on the weekend? Pumping


Bronte Baths, in oak. 125cm x 91cm $1250 framed a ready before Xmas

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